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About Us

SoftTech-IT is a cross platform (Web, Social and Mobile) software development service provider, emphasizing on the latest web applications, desktop applications, cross platform mobile applications, digital marketing in a cost effective way.We are based at Dublin 15 and our team includes experienced developers who have wide experience of more than 10 years working under various business domains.Before we decided to start SoftTech-IT, we have worked in an office environment and we have seen that, clients pay a huge amount of money for web-based development and maintenance. In order to combat that problem we have decided to work together as a team to provide you with low cost development project in this competitive market.We aim to provide you with low cost,high quality service. We have built large website portfolios with customers in EU and all over the world and we believe that, customer referrals are the best way to reach out to the new customers. If you trust us, we won’t let you down. We would like to hear from you about your requirements and your valuable feedback on our performance.

We take pride in building complete websites/web-portals, develop MySQL databases, handle small, medium and large projects in existing websites, fixing code bugs, cleaning website viruses and then secure your code so that it does not take place in future. Our website portfolio shows a small sample of the websites which we have developed over the years.

Vision and Mission

Happy Customers, Best Solutions for our service, Dedicated Team.

Vision "To become a pioneer in software development solutions globally."
Mission "To satisfy every customer with our innovative software-development solutions."
To become a well-established organization it is important to deliver world class development solutions which would supersede client’s expectation. We aim to deliver cost effective solutions for all our clients, keeping in mind their expectations. We are well focused, innovative and dedicated team of individuals who continuously strive towards excellence. While we progress, we would inspire many clients to follow along our path of excellence.

Quality Culture

We believe in TQM or Total Quality Management. We do the planning initially then we check that plan if it is ok or not. Thirdly we implement that plan and act on it. Finally we do it. Every stage of the Web-development procedure is tested and re-tested by our developers..

During this phase, we emphasize on the quality, robustness and security of coding. When we are satisfied we hand it over to our client. At SoftTech-IT we have a mixture of diverse nationalities and culture. No matter where we are from, we work together as a team to make our customers feel happy and satisfied. We have always updated our skills with continuous training procedure for improving the quality, reliability, scalability and productivity of our service. SoftTech-IT is a growing organization which is constantly reinventing and transforming itself to satisfy the needs of the changing markets and technologies. Every employee at SoftTech-IT is quality driven which makes us unique. At SoftTech-IT we are passionate of building long-term relationships with our clients.

Why SoftTech-IT?

SoftTech-IT is an organization where you would get nearly everything under the same roof. Our developers have more than 10 years of experience. Not only have we possessed expertise in domestic market but we also have experience in dealing with overseas clients. Why pay more, when we have developers working 24x7 to satisfy you. SoftTech-IT gives you an ultimate advantage of customizing your requirements as per the price. Along with that, we also have experienced professionals who can troubleshoot any issues with regards to your desktop or laptop.

Our key strengths

  • Creative Solutions
  • Technology Capability
  • Quality of Service
  • Delivery Time
  • Overseas Experience

Our Team

At SoftTech-IT, we work together a team and our commitment is portrayed in every work we do. We design unique solutions for our end customers. We believe in Innovation, Knowledge sharing and Collaboration. We don’t have a corporate culture at SoftTech-IT we work here as a friend to the other. SoftTech-IT is a great place to work where different minds work together with a common objective of providing the best web-based service to every client.