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DRB Rehab Care


Mobility Devices

We are specialised in selling day to day living aids which gives our customers the freedom to move around without any hassles. We offer you a one to one friendly and professional service. We will also provide you with a free assessment where our experienced Occupational Therapists would guide you, prescribe you with a proper mibility device.

We have more than 100% of confidence in our products and you can return a product to us if it does not suit you. We have a variety of HSE preferred and approved products which we can offer you namely:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Bath lifts
  • Grab rails
  • Walking aids

We will beat any of our competitor's prices by more than 20%. We do this so as you make your lives wonderful filled with joy and happiness. We value our customers so Please call us for a quick assessment.


Assistive Tecnology

Our Assistive technology provides Computer Access is a high-quality, low-cost software application that helps people with physical disabilities to access the full range of applications and features available on their Windows computer, laptop or tablet, without needing a standard keyboard or mouse.

This technology provides easy and affordable access to a world of communication, productivity and independence by enabling activities like internet browsing, email and word-processing. In summary, our Assistive technology can do everything that a keyboard and mouse can do, and a lot more!


Tele Rehab and Tele-Medicine

Telerehabilitation is the delivery of rehabilitation services over telecommunication networks and the internet. Most types of services fall into two categories namely: clinical assessment where the patient’s functional abilities are monitored in his/her environment and clinical therapy.

It has been seen that, few rehabilitation practice involved: neuropsychology,audiology, speech-language pathology,occupational therapy, physical therapy, and robot-aided rehabilitation. Telerehabilitation can deliver therapy to people who can't travel to a clinic due to certain disability or travel time. Telerehabilitation also helps the experts to engage in a clinical consultation from a distance.

Telemedicine most commonly knwn as"telehealth" or "e health" allows healthcare professionals to monitor and treat patients in remote locations via telecommunication technology. This technology provides more efficient use of limited expert resources. Telemedicine offers a reduced cost solution in offering remote care when and where it is needed without the building and staffing added facilities.

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