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About us

EFC Caterers is a Dublin based family owned caterers business. Since its inception in the early 2013 this business under the umbrella of DRB International has evolved into one of the most successful catering companies in the Tyrrelstown region. Our catering has built a solid customer and supply base. Our continuos attention towards product innovation and our commitment to the food service industry has been commendable.We can proudly announce that we maintain the most stringent quality control and hygiene. We try emphasising our commitment towards quality of food served.

EFC Caterers offer complete catering event for private and family functions. Starting from the planning services including menu selection, mobile catering, staffing, special decorations, flowers, entertainment, marquees and many more. We welcome an opportunity to work with you on developing unique customized menus tailored to your specific event. Along with the Management team in place EFC Catering will provide you with a quality service.

Health Benefits

In lamb tikka, chunks of lamb are marinated in a spicy yogurt mix, then cooked ‘dry’ in a tandoor oven. There is no involvement of oil, and it’s a pretty healthy dish. As lamb is high in fat than chicken, but it’s also better for iron and zinc. Usually our lamb tikka masala is served in a rich and creamy masala sauce. It’s the sauce prepared with spicy masala that adds a twist to the dish. Calories are expected to go up but we use low fat cream which would not bump up your calories.
Similar to tikka, tandoori chicken is one of the low-fat dry dish, which one can go for. In this preparation, first chicken is marinated in yoghurt flavoured with a blend of spices usually containing garlic, ginger, chilli and garam masala. Marinated pieces of chicken become tender and thismakes the chicken soft and juicy.Then the meat is roasted in a tandoor oven. Not much oil is used for this dish so you can enjoy this dish without worrying abou the calorie.
Chicken is good for protein which is low in fat. This is needed to build and replace your body’s cells, and because it’s a low-fat protein source. By consuming chicken adequate amounts of iron, zinc and vitamin A are consumed. So why wait when we are here. If you want to have healthy rice – make it plain. There is also a wide range of mixed salad, pickles and some yogurt raita. It's mouthwatering and delicious.
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Dublin 15
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